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Magical Girl Americana is an action-packed magical girl story that takes place in an idealized retro-futuristic America with a hint of danger and dark humor.

Cherry Sunday is trying to balance her life as a roller-skate waitress while applying to Magical Girl Academy. But when a mysterious figure in a Seashorse-mask unleashes an army of Alien Monsters on the City of Americana it’s time to suit up, transform, and dish out some justice.

Character updates courtesy of Raphaëlle Marx 


Magical Girl Cherry’s is Americana’s sweetheart. She’s plucky hardworking and always tries to the see best in everyone. However, her unyielding optimism makes her a bit naïve.


Every Magical Girl needs a Magical Pet, right? Well in Cherry's world of retro-futurism it makes sense to have a retro-cartoon character as a side-kick. Meet Cuddles! He’s a boozehound, a horndog and bad influence on Cherry. Their adventures revolve around Cherry's optimism vs. Cuddles' cynicism.


Meet Magical Girl Skipper. She lost her arms in Kaiju War II, now Skipper hangs by the shipyard getting in boxing matches with other robots. Because of her experiences Skipper has a sour perspective on the Magical Girl Academy. Despite her cynicism Skipper proves to be a solid mentor for Cherry.


Officer Kitty is Cherry's contact on the police force who gives her tips on finding bad guys. She loves barking orders, eating sardines and drinking milk from the carton.


Undermask is the recurring villain of Magical Girl Americana. Cold and cutthroat, Undermask adds a level of serious danger to our lighthearted heroines.

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